Monday, 23 July 2012

Things to Arrange Before Going for a Tour

Undertaking a tour is a very tiring task. It consumes a lot of time, energy and also money.There are several circumstances which force us to travel, be it for personal or professional reason. Though there are some people who are fond of travelling, but not everyone is, for the physical and mental stress that it places on us. Thus to make the tour comfortable we need to keep in mind certain things to arrange before going for a tour. Keeping these simple but important things in order makes the tour a much delightful experience, thereby reducing a lot of unnecessary burden and trouble while travelling. What to pack on a tour? is one important question that you need to ask yourself before you embark on your trip, to ensure that your trip becomes smooth and memorable for you. A frequent traveller might have known these things through experience, but if you travel occasionally it is advisable to enquire about things to arrange before going for a tour with someone who has the experience, or you can also check for help online. Tours can either be of two types, domestic or international. If you are travelling within your own country, then just arranging simple things will be fine, but if you are travelling abroad, then there needs to be a lot of preparation. Below is a list of what to pack on a tour? That might help you have a smooth travelling experience.
1. If you are travelling abroad, then make sure you have all your documents like visa, passport etc in order. Also do not forget to arrange for your place of accommodation before leaving to avoid inconvenience later.
 2. Take a proper travel and health insurance before going to a foreign land. Also check for medical requirements and conditions and take vaccinations, if required. Prevention is always better than cure. Remember you are going to a foreign land, with completely different atmosphere and physical conditions that is totally new to you.
3. Educate yourself about the culture, customs and traditions about the place you are visiting.
4. Take enough cash with you and also arrange for some reserve funds.
5. Leave information about your whereabouts like destination, the hotel you are staying and your contact details with your friends and family, in case of emergency.
6. Also carry the contact details of your friends and family in case of emergency with you so that people can contact them.
7. Pay your bills in advance and have someone look after your house in your absence, like a relative or your neighbour.
8. Consult a travel agent or check for deals online to avail of best travel offers like flight tickets, hotels, tourist services like taxis, tour guides etc. Always make the bookings in advance.
9. Travel light, carry the minimum you need.
10. Always be on time or early and leave enough buffer time to ensure that you do not miss out flights or trains. Keeping all these simple things in order will help you have a smooth travelling experience.
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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Travel with Lexus Cars

The Lexus is that the one vehicle that has actually scared the nice marques from Europe. this is often a automotive that has claimed several awards for quality of end, smoothness, luxury, and reliability. J.D. Power and Associates, during a survey taken in 2012, rated it the foremost reliable automotive complete within the U.S.A. This was primarily based on its Vehicle Dependability Survey, that tested over forty seven,000 vehicle homeowners and therefore the issues they experienced within the 1st 3 years of auto possession. it absolutely was the twelfth consecutive year that Lexus obtained this high rating. If you did not understand, Lexus is that the luxury vehicle division of the japanese automotive manufacturer Toyota Motor Corporation.

Before its entranec into the Australian market, The beginnings of Lexus hark back to the year 1983, when the Toyota Chairman Eiji Toyoda challenged his company to create a luxury flagship to “challenge the world’s best.” Toyota’s endeavor to create the Lexus complete the simplest automotive within the world was labeled the F1 project and was kept a deep secret. intensive analysis was allotted in America by a market analysis cluster. Their aim was to seek out out the tastes of the yankee luxury buyer.

After intensive analysis and focus cluster conferences, the primary LS four hundred prototypes were in-built 1985. Discussions were persevered where the simplest testing tracks would be for the Lexus prototype. it absolutely was agreed on that the LS four hundred prototypes would be tested on the nice German autobahns. This was allotted in 1986. intensive testing was additionally allotted on yankee roads. among a year, the ultimate style for the debut Lexus was agreed on. The LS four hundred style was clean and complicated, however was styled to attractiveness to the yankee buyer and was so fairly conservative. the ultimate look of the automotive was pleasing on the attention, and therefore the long sweeping lines were swish and un-ruffled. therefore it absolutely was within the year 1989 that the V8 powered LS four hundred debuted at the Detroit Motor Show, and it went on sale in September of that year. Lexus reached the Australian automotive dealers in 1990 and Lexus Australia was born.
During the primary decade of the Lexus manufacturer, the model vary in Australia was extended giving a combination of luxury sedans, and sport sedans. The ES300 was placed on show in Sydney in 1991 and by consecutive year, the models were in hot demand. And Lexus additionally successfully ventured into the luxurious 4X4 market to compete against alternative high brands from vary Rover, BMW and Mercedes Benz. folks queued for hours outside dealers in Sydney, Melborne, Brisbane and Adelaide to visualize (and buy) the new LX470 in 1998.

Lexus cars created a cameo look the movie Minority Report,, where the car’s attractiveness rival those of driver Tom Cruise (personally, I like the Lexus).

The worldwide motto of Lexus is: "The Pursuit of Perfection”. Lexus has used this signature phrase since its starting. The Lexus automotive may be a very good mix of quality, luxury and power. Owning one in all these may be a satisfying expertise that several Australians have enjoyed over the last twenty years.
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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Enjoy Your Travel With BMW

BMW 320i

According to the globe automobile Guide, BMW's 3-series vehicles are the benchmark to that compact government vehicles are compared. Test-drive or own the BMW 320i, and you may see why. To begin with, the appearance of the BMW 320i mix trendy aerodynamic options with the normal, distinctive BMW grille, that blends harmoniously with the curvilinear lines of the 320i. From the facet, view, the appearance are each curvaceous and dynamic, hinting at speed and swish handling - and that they have a problem coefficient of zero.28 Cd. And the BMW 320i has the zest and zoom promised by its appearance. The 2-litre engine, with a fast shifting manual transmission, is capable of racing from zero to one hundred km/h in nine.0 seconds, and achieves this due to a most power of one hundred fifteen kW at 6400 rpm and a most torque of two hundred Nm at 3600 rpm. The BMW 320i includes a vigorous high speed of 220 km/h (218 for the six speed automatic version), and is capable of pulling 695 kg (unbraked) if needed. The fuel economy of the manual variant of the BMW 320i is extremely commendable, averaging five.9 litres/100 km on the open road through freelance reviews. Around city, jointly would expect, the BMW 320i consumes slightly additional (11.3 litres/100 km), giving a median of seven.4 litres/100 km. The figures for the automated BMW 320i are solely terribly slightly higher, being 6.0 litres/100 km within the country and eleven.4 litres/100 km in city, that average to eight.0 litres/100 km. BMWs have forever been well-made and reliable during a crash, and therefore the 320i continues to uphold this worthy name. the quality DataDot technology is complemented by ABS, dynamic brake management, cornering brake management, automatic stability management and traction and dynamic stability management, that all mix to form the BMW 320i safe and really stable. If you're unfortunate enough to own a crash (or if some stupid drip collides with you), the motive force and front airbags can return into play (these airbags have an occupant detector function), as can the front facet airbags, and therefore the head airbag front and rear.
All seats within the BMW 320i are fitted with three-point seat belts, and therefore the centre rear seat includes a headrest, as do the opposite seats. Night driving is additionally created that small bit safer with a pleasant anti-dazzle mirror. On the within, the BMW 320i is tastefully adorned. reckoning on the variant, you may get pleasure from snug seating upholstered in cloth trim for the BMW 320i and premium Dakota leather for the BMW 320i government, which may be offset by a variety of trims, together with natural poplar, burr walnut or brushed aluminium. A retractable front armrest provides an additional fringe of driver comfort, particularly when driving long-haul; this comfort is enhanced within the government version of the BMW 320i, that has partial electrical seat adjustment for the front seats. the automated climate management, that comes complete with microfilter, helps you retain comfortably cool in all weathers. An in-dash CD/radio, a through-loading system with ski bag, an onboard laptop and preparation for a Bluetooth mobile complete the quality offerings within the entry-level BMW 320i. As if the quality options weren't spectacular enough, BMW offers a large vary of choices for the 320i. Exterior choices embody metallic paint, fog lights (which already return as commonplace on the BMW 320i Executive), electrical sunroof, adaptive bi-Xenon headlights and headlight washer system.

On the within, optional extras on provide vary from electrical lumbar support within the front passenger and driver seats to an eight.8" color monitor and skilled navigation system which has TV and voice recognition. What variety of driver would get pleasure from the BMW 320i? Well, most drivers would get pleasure from the expertise behind the wheel in either sedan or wagon guise and that we definitely enjoyed our BMW 320i review. definitely alittle young family would be quite adequately transferred from A to B within the comfortable, neat cabin. And, if additional area was needed then the BMW 320i Touring model provides estate area. The fine new BMW 320i may be a terribly engaging proposition to any would-be buyer craving for the highest of the category driving dynamics, and a state of the art driving expertise - particularly when the worth tag starts at a bit over fifty thousand bucks.

 The current model series includes the: BMW 320i Sedan BMW 320i Touring For any longer data on the BMW 320i, or for that matter the other new automobile, contact one amongst our friendly consultants on 1300 303 181. If you want some fleet discount pricing (yes even for personal buyers!), we will submit vehicle quote requests out to our national network of BMW dealers and are available back with pricing at intervals twenty four hours. personal Fleet - automobile shopping for created easy!

BMW 320
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Friday, 13 July 2012

Indian Tourist Vehicles

Every year India is visited by thousands of tourists who want a firsthand experience of this multicultural country. They come from all over the world, to witness one of the oldest civilisations of the world. Not only international tourist, but a lot of Indians themselves travel within the country to witness the diversity that exists within it. The ancient historical places, different groups of people and their unique cultures, the vastness and diversity of landmass, cheap and affordable holiday packages, all are too tempting for tourists coming from all over the world as well as the domestic tourists. 

Being one of the favourite destinations for tourists, India has a very well organised and efficient system to take care of all the needs of tourists. From hotels to travelling, tour guides to attractive holiday packages and ofcourse the beautiful breathtaking locales, India has it all. For easy transport of tourists there are plenty of tourist vehicles in India. These India tourists vehicles are the easiest means for the tourists to travel within the city as well as for inter city mobility. They are cheap, easily available and comfortable. They can take you to anywhere you want to. You can book them for sightseeing within the city, or hire them for going to another destination or city in India. India Tourist vehicle are available in almost every city and towns of India, whether they are small towns or big metros. In bigger cities they are more organised and run through big transport companies. In smaller towns they are more informal and run by small associations or independently by the drivers.
Tourist vehicles in India are one of the cheapest and easiest options for exploring the places. You can book a bus, or small vehicles like sumos, indica, jeeps, innovas, etc depending on the number of people travelling. You can ask for air-conditioned vehicles if you are travelling to hot places. You can also either reserve it all for yourself or share it with other co passengers if you want to save some money. They are ready to take you to any motorable parts of India, all throughout the country. 
Anyone coming to visit India or even the Indians themselves travelling within the country will never find it difficult to acquire proper transport facilities as they are very well developed. There are numerous government and private transport operators providing services far and wide in the country. Also there are certain rules, regulations and proper system in place to check any sort of malpractices by these transport operators, to ensure that the customers are not cheated. Pre-paid services are available in many places, where you pay before you travel. This is to ensure that the drivers do not overcharge the customers once they reach the destination. The authorities also print and distribute the fare chart which has to be mandatorily displayed on any tourist vehicle in India. All this is to ensure fair and just practices and to facilitate smooth experience for tourists in India. 

Indian Road Map 

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Friday, 29 June 2012

Enjoy The Lesuer Trip to Goa

Goa Beache

Goa is the one of important  beach destinations in India. Goa is a smallest state in India millions of people visited in  every year, Goa Tourism take you to interesting places and attractions.

 Goa offers many striking places for the tourists to visit and the most interesting and appealing ones are the scenic places like Divar Island, Dudhsagar Waterfalls, Kuskem Falls, Historical places like Fort Aguada, Chapora Fort, Tirakol Fort, Alorna Fort, Lamgau caves, Goa churches like The Se Cathedral, Basilica of Bom Jesus etc.



 Goa festivals..  Photos

   Sunburn Festival of Goa
 The Goa carnival is the most colorful and entertaining festival of Goa. It is celebrated for three days and people of all the community, age group and the tourists take part in this carnival. It brings the People of Goa together and enjoys this festival.

     More About Goa Tourism Visit:




   Goa Beach Sports

 Goa is heavenly for water sports lovers as they can enjoy various water sports like Para-Sailing, Water Skiing, Wind Surfing, Swimming, Scuba Diving, Snorkelling and boating.These are some of the few exciting and adventurous water sports that one can try out and treasure some exciting and memorable experiences to relish in for long long time.

                         Parasailing Safety Tips

Parasailing commonly called parascending or parakiting. A person behind a boat while attached to a parasail wing. The boat then drive off, carrying the parascender or wing and person into the air, tow or three people can behind it at the same time. The parascender has little or no control over the parachute.

You should thoroughly examine whether the equipment provided to you by a parasailing company is up to make and is not outdated or old The equipment should not showcase any discrepancies and should be in perfect working condition.
You should be equipped with a life jacket when you go parasailing.

You should be completely aware of exactly what to do in case of emergency.

You should keep an open eye for any disruptions in your path in the area where you are about to go parasailing.

You must see a staff on parasailing company, the staff should take safety and security procedure seriously and should not play with your life.

Trip to Goa was a wonderful experience in my with my friends planned a seven day trip to Goa. we started our trip on 15th december 2011 and drove a distance of 671km in toyota innova.  it jus took 12 hrs of time to reach there our cruiser innova accelerated to Goa in no time and was awesome to hit the roads in INNOva.

Innova  Technical Specs

Dimensions and Weights
Overall Length (mm) 4555
Overall Width (mm) 1770
Overall Height (mm) 1755
Wheel Base (mm) 2750
Ground Clearance (mm) 176
Front Track (mm) 1510
Rear Track (mm) 1510
Kerb Weight (kg) 1585
Gross Vehicle Weight (kg) 2290
No of Doors 5
Fuel Economy
Mileage Highway (km/liter) 14
Mileage City (km/liter) 10.6
Mileage Overall (km/liter) 11.28
Seating Capacity (person) 8
Fuel Tank Capacity (liter) 55
Maximum Speed Km/Hour
0-100kmph 16.37seconds
1/4 Mile 20.5seconds
Engine Type/Model 2.5 Liter, 4-cylinder, 16 valve, DOHC, Turbo
Displacement cc 2494
Power (PS@rpm) 102PS @5600rpm
Torque (Nm@rpm) 200Nm @1400rpm
Valve Mechanism DOHC
Bore (mm)
Stroke (mm)
Compression Ratio :1
No of Cylinders (cylinder) 4
Cylinder Configuration In-line
Valves per Cylinder (value) 4
Fuel Type Diesel
Fuel System Common Rail
Transmission Type Manual
Gears/Speeds 5Gears
Clutch Type
Final Reduction Gear Ratio
Front Suspension Independent, Coil Spring, Double Wishbone, with Stabilizer
Rear Suspension 4-link, Coil Springs
Steering Type
Power Assisted Standard
Minimum Turning Radius (meter) 5.4
Front Brakes Ventilated Disc
Rear Brakes Leading-trailing Drum
Wheels and Tyres
Wheel Type Tubeless tyres
Wheel Size 15 inch
Tyres 205/65 R 15

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Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Located in Idukki District of Kerala, India, the idyllic hill station of Kuttikanam is found 3500 linear unit on top of the ocean level. It beckons the tranquility dotty mortal with its arranged  back modus vivendi, pleasantly cool climate and broad views of huge inexperienced carpets of tea plantations. you'll be astonished at the splendid sight of inexperienced capped hills with silver streams gushing down. conjointly to catch your eye square measure the exotic seasonal flowers growing within the cragged parcel of land.

Historically none the less significant, the place was a land site of the Travancore Kings of Kerala. The summer palace could be a should see. The place contains a tremendous climate throughout the year, however the most effective time to go to is from August to Jan. The place experiences a significant precipitation and thus visiting the place when monsoon is usually recommended. If the time once you arrange the visit is Nov-Jan, the place is fantastically embellished with mist and wild flowers and is good for honeymooners.


Pine forests: precisely the same scenery that you just see within the dance scenes of screenland films. A stroll through them is sort of a refreshing expertise.
Thrishangu hills: Offers a breathtakingly lovely read of the valleys below.
Panchalimedu: a requirement go place for trekkers
Tea plantations
 Tea plantations: adjoin acres of land, walking through the plush inexperienced plantations and observance the garden staff plucking the leaves is really a unforgettable expertise.
 Valanjanganam waterfalls - You certain can fancy the beautiful sight of water gushing down the mountains
Summer Palace, topographic point of Muslim saint Peer Muhammed, Hope church etc ar another attractions you can’t afford to miss.
Apart from the places mentioned, you're absolute to realize more fascinating places in Kuttikanam. Also, places of interest like Vagamon, Thekkady wild life sanctuary etc ar simply approachable from here.

How to Reach
Kuttikanam is definitely accessible from the cochin china International flying field by road. The place isn't jammed like several different noted places and you may utterly be able to relax and refresh yourself. 


View Larger Map
 Great Escape - 2012 Season 2.

‘lub dup’ ‘lup dup’ your heart would pound even louder as your jeep climb the rocky terrains of Kuttikanam. Pump your adrenalin levels high as you climb the rocky muddy terrains, while you drift your jeep in the muddy curves and as you accelerate through the swampy dirt pits. Beam the headlights to clear the fog and mist that hung around and nail your victory.

Starting Point

Kuttikanam was all set to amaze any jeep lovers. The track set into test and push your SUV’s to the limit was smoking awesome.

Kuttikanam was clearly an off roader’s dug out with racers and drivers coming out all along from the north, west, east and from every corner of mother India.

Drive through the roads amidst the tea plantations and steer the curvy curves and accelerate your engine through the muddy slopes. Climb the rocky boulders and mud ridden slippery tracks to test the credibility of your machine. Come and feel it guys. It was a testosterone rush!!!

19 participants countered obstacles in the extreme terrain of Kuttikannam to become part of India’s first   OFF-ROAD   CHALLENGE. 


Pointes were awarded for the vehicle preparations – modified or stock, approaching the obstacle, drive through the obstacle and external help/no help. Six more such challenges will be held throughout the country. Two winners will be selected per chapter. The finalist will battle it out in December with the winner walking away with a brand new Mahindra Thar.

Mahindra Thar Specifications

Engine and Transmission:

EngineDisplacement (CC):    2498 cc
No Of Cylinders:                4 Cylinder
No Of Gears:                  5 Forward and 1 Reverse
Power (PS):                    105 PS
Torque (NM):                   247 Nm
Transmission:                  Manual
Kerb Weight:              1750 kgs.
Fuel Type :                   Diesel
Drive Type:                    4WD
Fuel Economy:   

City (KPL):                   10.15(Tested)
Highway (KPL):            14.25(Tested)
Overall (KPL):              11.17(Tested)


060 kph (sec):               6.47(Tested)
0100 kph (sec):             18.19(Tested)
Top Speed (KPH):        Data Not Available

Brakes Steering Suspension and Tyres:   

Brakes Front:       Disc and Caliper Brake
Brakes Rear:        Drum Brake
Steering Type:      Rack and Pinion
Minimum Turning Radius:        5.2 Mtr
Suspension Front:                   Independent front suspension with Torsion bar and Stabilizer bar
Suspension Rear:                    Rear Semi Elliptical Leaf Springs
Tyre Size :                             235 /70 / R16
Wheel Size:                           16

Exterior Dimensions:

Length Width Height:            3920*1710*1930
Wheelbase(mm):                  2430 mm
Ground Clearance (mm):      200 mm
Track Front (mm):               1445 mm
Track Rear (mm):                1346 mm

Interior Dimensions:   

Boot (Litres) :                   Data Not Available
Fuel Capacity (Litres):      60 Litres
Seating Capacity:               7

 The Fight Against Height


Mahindra Scorpio 4x4 Specifications

Mahindra Scorpio LX 4X4 Engin

Engine Type:                In-Line Engine 
Engine Description:     2.2L 120bhp mHawk CRDe, 4-stroke, Turbocharged, Intercooled w/ Micro HybridEngine Displacement(cc):   217
            No. of Cylinders:              4 
            Maximum Power:             120bhp@4000rpm 
Maximum Torque:             290Nm@1800-2800rpm
Valves Per Cylinder:          4.
Fuel Supply System:         CRDI 
            Bore x Stroke:                  94 x 94 mm
           Compression Ratio:          18.5:1 
           Turbo Charger:                  Yes 
           Super Charger:                  No
Mahindra Scorpio LX 4X4 Performance 

Top Speed:              152km/hr 
Acceleration:            (0-100 kmph) 16.5 seconds
 Mahindra Scorpio LX 4X4 Suspension System 

Front Suspension:       Independent, Torsion Bar 
Rear Suspension :       Multi-link, Coil spring 
Mahindra Scorpio LX 4X4 Transmission 

Transmission Type:    Manual 
Gear box:                 5 Speed 
Drive Type:               4WD 
Overdrive:                4WD
Synchronizers:          All Gears
 Mahindra Scorpio LX 4X4 Brake System 

Front Brake Type:         Disc 
Rear Brake Type :         Drum

   Mahindra Scorpio LX 4X4 Steering 

Steering Type:                           Power 
      Steering Column:                      Collapsible 
                                                                Turning Radius (wheel base):     5.6m

Mahindra Scorpio LX 4X4 Fuel 
Mileage-City (kmpl):           10.5 
Mileage-Highway (kmpl):    15.4 
Fuel Type:                          Diesel 
Fuel Tank Capacity (litres) :  60

The End of Real Hunt
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